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Brewer Patriots

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[29 Oct 2005|11:50pm]

wow, i was surprised to see this here, since i read that the teachers read lj, i'd like to say hi to them. my name is michael smith, and i graduated in 2002. would never have figured someone would have made a journal for the school, i'm glad i ran across this.
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Brewer at Madison County [28 Aug 2005|08:40pm]

[ mood | happy ]

The Brewer Patriots enter their second season under head coach Billy Coleman with a newfound enthusiasm after closing the 2004 season with two straight wins. Before those wins, the Patriots had lost an astounding 21 games in a row.

Madison County was 1-9 in 2004, with their only victory coming against the Patriots in a close 21-14 win in Florette. The Patriots look for their revenge against the Tigers in Gurley Friday at 7 p.m.

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BREWER V.S. MADISON CO. [27 Aug 2005|10:37pm]

[ mood | happy ]

1 & 0!!!


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Coleman confidence [24 Aug 2005|06:15pm]

Coleman confidence
Brewer players ready to follow coach's lead

22nd in a series.

By Brooke Milam
DAILY Sports Writer
bmilam@decaturdaily.com · 340-2460

FLORETTE — Brewer High football coach Billy Coleman calls himself retired.

DAILY Photo by Gary Cosby Jr.
Brewer High coach Billy Coleman, left, moves his team inside as a rainstorm soaks the practice field Tuesday. The Patriots bring a two-game winning streak into the 2005 season.
Well, that's accurate if getting to the school at 8 a.m. and spending all day there sounds like retirement to you.

Coleman's players also report that he went through summer workouts with them. They called that impressive, especially when you consider that while the players had to make only one of three sessions a day, he worked out at every one.

"He did them with each group, so he did like triple the workouts we did," senior linebacker Eric Hughes said.

Coleman, 49, plays down the comments, but one thing is certain — his players took notice.

That isn't limited to his workout regiment. They've noticed the dedication and confidence Coleman has brought to a program in need of new life.

Coleman inherited a Brewer team last year that had won only once in its previous three seasons and had an active losing streak of 13 games. Coleman's first squad lost its first eight before winning the last two contests of the year.

"When I got here, the psyche was so shattered," Coleman said.

Coleman was 89-54 during 1983-94 at Dora and West Point before retiring from coaching. He served as principal at West Point from 1995 to 2002 before retiring from administration.

He returned to coaching last year and didn't shy away from Brewer's problems. As a result, the Patriots' confidence appears to have grown.

"Our coach doesn't give up on us, so we don't give up," senior running back Joe Burton said.

With a 21-12 win over Curry in the ninth game of the year, Brewer broke what was then the area's longest active losing streak — 24 games.

"You wouldn't believe the excitement," Coleman said.

Now it's time to move forward, Coleman said.

"Now coach talks about 'Taking the next step,' " Hughes said.

"For us that means win some ballgames."

Despite years when the win column was lean, Brewer's varsity still numbers in the mid-50s, and Coleman said sees interest for the future.

"We've got about 20 juniors playing — we're starting to see numbers down the line," Coleman said.

Ten seniors are set to lead the Patriots this year. They said their class has lost a significant number of players since their freshman season, but they've stuck with it for one reason — "It's fun," offensive lineman John Shivers said.

Added Hughes: "We love the game."

Echoed Burton: "Love for the game."

The Patriots have 15 starters back, giving them experience on both sides of the ball.

Shivers said playing to their potential will be important this season, and failing to do so might have been part of the Patriots' downfall in years past.

"There's a lot of talent that people haven't fully used yet," Shivers said. "We need everyone playing to potential."

Coleman said his team is "light years ahead" of where it was a year ago, but he can't say how many wins it will take to be successful.

"We define 'taking the next step' as being competitive," Coleman said.

"The kids here have been great — they've done everything I've asked them to do. They've tried hard. More than anything, I want them to have some success."

Brewer schedule, results

2005 schedule
Aug. 26 at Madison County
Sept. 2 vs. Russellville*
Sept. 9 vs. Athens*
Sept. 16 at Curry*
Sept. 23 vs. West Point
Sept. 30 at Walker*
Oct. 7 vs. Cullman*
Oct. 14 vs. Muscle Shoals*
Oct. 21 at Hartselle*
Oct. 28 at Fairview
*-Class 5A, Region 8
2004 results
vs. Madison Co. L, 21-14
at Russellville L, 50-6
at Athens L, 49-0
at West Point L, 48-14
vs. Walker L, 56-10
at Cullman L, 49-21
at Muscle Shoals L, 61-27
vs. Hartselle L, 42-0
vs.Curry W, 21-12
vs. Fairview W, 42-41

Did you know?

Win streak: Brewer has won two straight games, and if the Patriots can win a third straight by taking their season opener Friday at Madison County, they will post the school's longest win streak since the 2001 team won its last three of the year. Brewer hasn't won four straight since 1995 when the Patriots finished 7-3.
Starting 'em young: Ten seniors bring a wealth of experience to the Patriots' starting lineup. Running back Joe Burton and offensive lineman John Shivers have both started since they were freshmen and most of the others saw playing time as early as their sophomore years.
You've gotta want it to win it: The difference between wins and losses this season may lie in the Patriots desire. They know what it's going to take: "Hard, smash-mouth football," Shivers said.
— Brooke Milam, DAILY Sports Writer
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The oldest one on here.... [15 Sep 2004|08:35am]

I graduated in 99 and I must say that I loved Brewer. Overall of course. There were parts I hated. What I hated most was the fact that I had Cobb the last year he taught (Linderman took over for him) and Thomaskutty the last year she taught (I don't even know who is teaching Physics and Chemistry now). Ahh, you think YOU have it bad?! Whatever... you all have it easy.
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Hi [13 Sep 2004|01:40pm]

Well since i graduated from brewer this past may, i am extremely bored lol, i never see my friends anymore, and i never knew how much i would mis school, or actually i just miss the people, not so much the school. so yeah
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[11 Sep 2004|01:46am]

49 to 0
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[31 Aug 2004|04:11pm]


Since you erase my other entries

  Go Brewer





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[17 Jul 2004|04:48pm]

Greetings from North Alabama.
My friend and I have started a zine called Breakfast in Denmark. Issue #2 features interviews with:

Sonic Monkey Films' Adam Wingard (Director of Home Sick)
Herschell Gordon Lewis (Godfather of Gore, Director of Blood Feast and 2,000 Maniacs)
ZOMBI (amazing Goblin-esque band that did the score for Home Sick)
Eyes Around (Up-and-coming local band that has opened up for Sparklehorse and R.E.M.)
Barcelona Pavilion (Canadian indie superstars, started BLOCKS Recording Club)
DJ Crop Duster (In touch and out of tune)
El Greco (Drunk guy that makes really drunk music, opened for Big Dumb Face)
Casio Casanova (Murfreesboro's musical mad man)
Small Brown Bike (defunct but not forgotten pioneering emo band)

and exclusive drawings by Beth Dido and Brace Pain of The Gossip and as-yet-to-be published poems by Dennis Cooper.

Each issue comes with a CD-R showcasing songs from featured bands, this issue contains:

Theme from 2,000 Maniacs - Herschell Gordon Lewis
Nemesis - Eyes Around
Safe in Sound - Small Brown Bike
Sequence 8 (Alternate Version) - ZOMBI
Shooting Star - Casio Casanova
Hurdy Qwerty - asdfjkl; (Pronounced "Home Keys", Seth Graves' [Casio Casanova] side project)
New Materiology - Barcelona Pavilion
Hey Ya! - The Blankket (Written and Originally recorded by Outkast, Steven Kado's [Barcelona Pavilion] side project)
Got Any? - El Greco
Theme Song - DJ Foulmouth (El Greco's alter ego)
Splendor - DJ Crop Duster (Previously Unreleased)

The cost is $3.00 plus $1.50(SORRY) for shipping. You'll recieve an out-of-print Mindless Self Indulgence Sampler CD with each order (while supplies last). Please e-mail athenaworkshop@hotmail.com if you are interested.

The zine is bi-monthly. Issue #3 is on the way...

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[07 May 2004|06:22pm]

Brewer's been busy here lately. Two 4-Day weeks, Senior Awards, Talent Show, Senior Day, underclassmen awards... Be sure to thank your local principal letting all of these events take place.

Everyone come out to the Band-Aid this Saturday, the 8th, at The Pig! Band kids + lots of cool stuff to do = An awesome Saturday. The Spring Concert is Monday night at the Princess Theatre.
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[03 May 2004|05:57pm]

I don't miss it too much anymore...
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Been a while.. [26 Apr 2004|10:35pm]

One month until Graduation. Hopefully everyone is ready.

The play, "Don't Rock The Boat", went very well this year despite most people thinking it would fall through. Thanks to everyone who came.

Spring Fling seemed to go quite well also.

Tomorrow, the Brewer Lady Patriots soccer team play Huntsville at Joe Hunt Park in Huntsville as part of their Sub-State playoffs. This is the furthest a soccer team from Brewer has ever gotten, so props for that.

And if anyone knows anything about a window in the concourse being broke, please tell me about it. I promise you won't get in trouble, but it's important that the cause of it becomes known to pardon the entire play cast from the blame. Which the play cast didn't break that stupid window, despite whatever the janitors might think. ....
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[26 Mar 2004|10:47am]

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LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta
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[14 Mar 2004|01:16pm]

What's up guys?

Don't forget about the soccer game tomorrow during school starting at 1:30. Two dollars to see the Lady Pats play Cullman. You should come. And bring your friends.

And tell your friends to join this community.
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[03 Mar 2004|06:30pm]

Who heard that Mr. Hinkle has kidney stones? Poor thing...I love him. I hope he gets better.
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Today is a day to rejoice.... [23 Feb 2004|06:14am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Today is Thompson's last day. Can we all say "Hip hip horray!!!" I think we need to say it again..."Hip hip horray!!!"

That man has not taught in a thing in the 3 months he has been here. I can't wait to get Mrs. Clark back!

Like I said Hip Hip Horray!

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[22 Feb 2004|10:57pm]

Well, the girls soccer team won Saturday.. 6 to 0, against Westminster's JV team.

If anyone has any ideas for the Senior Memory Video, please let me know. We're starting to work on it, and want ideas from the seniors.
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[22 Feb 2004|05:22pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

Any boys out there with no Prom date...Help Me. Please.

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[21 Feb 2004|12:43pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm new in this community. Not really a Brewer kid, but I guess you'll leave. For those who doesn't know me. I'm the last years foreign kid, Lotta, also known as load of crap, or the finnish kid. And yes, I'm the one with the funny accent!! I'm glad to see there is so many of you. Seems like Brewer is full of geeks! *scary* lol.

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So, here we are [20 Feb 2004|10:39am]

Graduation is coming. I can't stop it nor can anyone else(aside from God). We are growing up fellow seniors. Most of us will probably only see each other in passing or maybe just on reunions. I'll personally stay in touch with everyone I truly care about, so I'm not to worried about the whole not seing people. The thing I am worried about is the fact that I'm growing up. I don't know where my life is going. I don't know how I am gonna get by. All I can do is pray about it and trust in God. He has all the answers and he has answered my prayers before, so why should I not trust in him? I guess what I'm tryin to say in this post is that I finally realized that life is short. It seems like just a year or two ago when I started school. I never thought I would have a wonderful girlfriend and low and behold God sent me an Angel. I've grow up and haven't realized it until just recently. Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of growing to do, but I can handle. Where do I go from here? College, Marriage, and Death. I'm ready for each(I think). When I have my mind set on something, I go for it and don't have second thoughts. I am gonna go to college. I am gonna get married to the one person I love and the only person I love. And yes, I'll die unless God comes back before I do.

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