anna. (anaskew) wrote in brewer_patriots,

Been a while..

One month until Graduation. Hopefully everyone is ready.

The play, "Don't Rock The Boat", went very well this year despite most people thinking it would fall through. Thanks to everyone who came.

Spring Fling seemed to go quite well also.

Tomorrow, the Brewer Lady Patriots soccer team play Huntsville at Joe Hunt Park in Huntsville as part of their Sub-State playoffs. This is the furthest a soccer team from Brewer has ever gotten, so props for that.

And if anyone knows anything about a window in the concourse being broke, please tell me about it. I promise you won't get in trouble, but it's important that the cause of it becomes known to pardon the entire play cast from the blame. Which the play cast didn't break that stupid window, despite whatever the janitors might think. ....
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